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Bittner-Singer Orchards has one of the largest orchards of dwarf cherry trees in the eastern United States. In the month of July, you can pick large sweet and tart cherries without using a ladder! Note: the U-Pick parking lot is at 6730 Lake Rd. (State Rte. 18), Appleton, NY. Directions

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Our U-Pick Cherry Orchards are closed for 2017.

See you next summer!


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Some of Our Many Cherry Varieties

Sweet Cherries

Hartland: The Hartland is an early season dark cherry. A Windsor cross, it was developed in New York and is named for a local township.
A later season sweet cherry. It has large, black fruit.
Named in Norway, Kristin is a mid-season cherry. It was also developed in New York.
This large, dark cherry ripens mid-season. It is named for another local township and was developed at Cornell's Geneva Station.
A medium size cherry. Somerset is a later season variety that is dark and firm. This too is named for a neighboring township.
Stella ripens in mid-season. The large, black fruit tends to be in tightly packed clusters.

White or Blush Sweet Cherries

Emperor Francis: Early season, perfect for canning, making jellies and jams, or making homemade maraschinos.
Golden yellow cherry with a red blush and very sweet flavor.
White Gold:
Nice quality fruit of moderate to large size.

Yellow Sweet Cherries

Gold: Early season, light-colored cherries with a sweet and tangy flavor.

Tart Cherries

Montmorency: Traditional cherry for pies and baking. Also used for canning.
New from Europe. The juice is red rather than clear color.
Balaton Ujfeherto Furtos:
Hungarian sour cherry. The fruit is firm and suited to picking by hand and eating fresh. Red skin and flesh.
Danube Erdi Botermo:
Dark red fruit with a unique sweet-tart flavor. Delicious eaten fresh or in baked goods.

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